Western Digital Unveils First PlayStation 5 Compatible SSD

A few days ago, Sony posted a video that revealed that the PlayStation 5 has an NVE slot that allows you to expand the console’s internal storage via an SSD. However, the company revealed that only a few compatible drives can be used for this purpose, and now the first PlayStation 5 compatible SSD has been announced.

While there have been murmurs about some Samsung units, the truth is that Western Digital was the first to reveal a unit that was compatible with their SN850, which obviously uses this pretext to showcase their product.

Officially, the Japanese giant has yet to release a list of compatible devices, but the storage unit maker clearly feels very comfortable with it. It’s an SSD capable of reading data at speeds of 7 GB / s and writing data at speeds of 4.1 GB / s, which should be more than enough for PlayStation 5.

Western Digital SN850 is the first PlayStation 5 compatible SSD to be announced

The unit is available in capacities of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB, and each option costs $ 149.99, $ 229.99, and $ 449.99, respectively. It’s obviously expensive, but it’s worth remembering that as the market matures, competition between manufacturers will drastically reduce their prices, and that’s one of Sony’s weapons, as it decided to choose a format non-owner, which will give you an advantage. about the Microsoft console.

It’s no wonder that in less than 6 months these units, which we’re unveiling here today, will cost less than 30-40% of the value revealed here, as the competition is stronger than ever and there will be more. supply than demand. . It should not be forgotten that these SSDs also work on PC … and that they are more and more used by the NVE to the detriment of the hard disks.

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