What games will be available on PlayStation 5 launch day?

The arrival of the PlayStation 5 is getting closer and closer to a reality. After millions of users around the world pre-order the console, they are looking forward to it. In the vast majority of countries, starting November 19, players will be able to get their hands on the new console.

That same day, gamers will be able to play pretty much any game released on PlayStation 4, and I mean pretty much all of them, because there are 10 (only 10) that can’t be played on the next-gen console, but we have some. already talked about here. But which games are fully prepared for PlayStation 5, which will be available on launch day? To answer this question, we decided to put together a list of launch games.

DualSense: the Playstation 5 controller

These are the PlayStation 5 launch games

Astro Game Room – This is a game preinstalled on the console. It’s a platform game that takes full advantage of Dual Sense controller innovations such as tactile feedback and force feedback. Spider-Man Miles Morales – This is a game that doesn’t need to be introduced, as we’ve covered it a few times here in News and Technology

Demon’s Souls – This is a remake of the game released in 2009, Demon’s Souls is the first Souls, long before Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro. Sackboy: A Big Adventure – This is another game that we talked about here on the blog. AllStars Destruction – This game is reminiscent of the Rocket League. This is a multiplayer game where the objective is to blast your opponents with your vehicle. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – This new work in the saga that will take us to the 9th century England in the middle of the Viking Age.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – Another game that doesn’t need to be introduced; Godfall – This was the first game to be officially announced for PlayStation 5. It is developed by Gearbox (Borderlands), and is in all respects set in a heroic fantasy universe. Watch Dogs Legion – The third part of the Watch Dogs license, and this time Ubisoft takes us to a dystopian city of London. Little news: there are no heroes, because it will be possible to support all NPCs. Hyper Scape – A free Battle Royale produced by Ubisoft. Fortnite – If there is one game that does not need to be presented, it is this one … which along with PlayStation 5 will introduce many new features.

FIFA 21 – Yes, FIFA 2021 will also have its own version for PlayStation 5 NBA 2K21 – Exactly the same situation as FIFA 21. Dirt 5 – The famous rally simulator is back for the new console. Observer System Redux – This is a game released in 2017 on older consoles, and will now be present at the launch of PlayStation 5 with a remastered version and in 4K. The Pathless – I haven’t gotten to know this game yet, because I still haven’t understood it. Destiny 2 – An enhanced version of the game will be available on console launch day. A game that has millions of players around the world.

Have I forgotten any? Leave me a comment with the name of the game so you can add it to the list. Keep in mind that these must be games that arrive until November 19, when the PlayStation 5 reaches the hands of users.

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