What if Among Us becomes a 3D AAA game?

Among Us is definitely the game of the moment, and views on Twitch reveal that while it is a “basic” game, the truth is that it is generating millions of views and is being followed and played by millions of people around the world. It’s a game we’ve talked about a few times here at Noticias e Tecnologia. And have you ever imagined what Among Us would look like if it became a 3D AAA game?

Otherwise, we’ll show you what it would look like. Did Fat Dino, a programmer, and Youtuber, known recreate the game on Unreal Engine 4 and it has some really awesome graphics worthy of a AAA game. For those who don’t know this programmer, he’s someone who does something similar to other staple games in the past, like Fall Guys or Flappy Bird.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, he reveals the entire process of his project, which ranges from creating the characters, adding the Among Us mechanics, and of course transcribing the map. To recreate The Skeld, the game’s best-known environment, Fat Dino had to be very patient, and meticulous, to copy the various parts of the ship in detail. He also explains that the process took so long that he ended up just reproducing the left part of the ship, leaving out a small half of the map.

Among us in 3D is really something very interesting

He then discusses the gameplay, in particular by developing the various tasks of the crew. Card reader, wire connector, file uploader or even simon were added to keep crew members busy on their tumultuous interstellar journey.

Among the crucial mechanisms, we also think of Kill, the air ducts and, of course, the voting system to eject suspects, into the vacuum of space.

Finally, Fat Dino invited a few friends to test his game, which appears to be fully functional, although he admits that some bugs are still present. Unfortunately, the programmer has no intention of making the game available to the community, because, as he himself points out, that just wouldn’t be legal and would also require him to have a dedicated server. .

However, he has expressed interest in making his work available, without the multiplayer mode, just for the curious to test his 3D version of Among Us, it’s just not clear when that will happen.

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