What’s New in Google Maps to Help Secure Covid Users

This year, Google made it easier to find information on Google Maps that helps you stay safe, up to date, and connected. Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 250 new features and improvements have been added to Google Maps to help adapt to the new standard – from real-time occupancy information for millions of locations to the ability to view easily critical health and safety information. In a flash.

Google Maps will now offer new methods that will help users travel safely to complete their tasks.

Over the next few weeks, it will be launched on Google Maps:

Update Covid Layer on Google Maps – Soon Android and iOS devices will start showing more information, including any cases detected in an area, as well as quick links to local authority COVID resources. This is a particularly useful update if the user is leaving town and needs to quickly update on local guidelines, test locations, and restrictions in another town. Real-time occupancy information transport – If the user needs to travel, Google Maps can help them distance themselves with real-time occupancy information. Overall, on Android and iOS devices, the user will start to see the capacity of their bus, train or metro in real time and based on feedback from Google Maps users around the world ((wherever data is available).

This is all due to the fact that Google’s primary focus is the possibility of having to move out of town or to relocate locally, and wants you to be alert to the latest trends in COVID, to help keep you safe. . Since the launch of the COVID layer, this feature has already helped nearly 10 million people get critical information about COVID-19, right on Google Maps. And the search giant is hoping the new features will help others even more.


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