Will Joe Biden’s election be a breath of fresh air for Huawei?

While Huawei was growing rapidly and on its way to becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker, Donald Trump dealt a heavy blow by placing the company on a list of risk companies. Huawei has since faced its competitors at a disadvantage, with the Chinese company lacking access to many American technologies, including Google services.

Now, with the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States, will the situation improve for Huawei? The Democrat is known to have a program radically opposed to that of Donald Trump, at least on the vast majority of files, and seems much more seasoned than his predecessor. However, unfortunately for tech enthusiasts, this is far from favorable for Huawei.

Donald Trump’s decision may have surprised the industry, but in reality it shouldn’t be attributed to his temper. “This policy has been developed and promoted for years by the US Department of Commerce in reaction to China’s growing ambitions,” explains Jean-François Dufour, director of DCA Chine-Analyze. “Beijing wants to become number 1 in many strategic sectors, ranging from artificial intelligence to 5G, including biotechnology and electric vehicles. And the United States has a very dark vision of these ambitions,” said Mary -Françoise Renard, head of the Institute. Economic research survey (IDREC) three months ago.

Joe Biden to ease sanctions against Huawei?

Washington is not alone in applying the restrictions: Beijing has long banned many American companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter) from working on its territory. But why is Huawei the main target of this conflict? Of course, this is not due to their phones (however successful they may be). If the United States is targeting this company, it is because it is giving China its initial 5G advantage. And this 5G is the cornerstone of many other strategic innovations. Whether it’s the autonomous vehicle, the factory 2.0 or the smart grid, almost all of the future technologies that China wants to develop are based on 5G. If Washington stops at this level, it is in fact a brake on the entire Chinese technological sector, ”explains Jean-François Dufour.

Thus, a partial relaxation of the restrictions on Huawei and Honor is very difficult to achieve in 2021. Huawei’s negotiations with the United States will therefore always be delicate. The only difference is that they will take place in a more peaceful environment, which is already better than nothing.

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