Willow is back as a series at Disney +

To many it’s totally unknown, but Willow is an ’80s fantasy movie that still has a huge legion of fans. At the time, the film was very well received by critics and did not turn out to be a big success, although it still made a profit to those who funded it.

Its lead actor, Warwick Davis, is still active and likes to put himself to the test, and proof of that is in Life’s Too Short. Now he will return to the character who made him famous, but this time on a Disney + series.

Jon M. Chu has to direct the show, and at least in the first episode. Production is expected to begin in early 2021. Ron Howard, who was directing the film at the time, is back as executive producer on the new series. “Willow” screenwriter Bob Dolman will in turn act as a consultant.

According to those involved, “Willow” should arrive full of nostalgia, but of course it should also include updated effects and directing, and that’s the big question of this new series: will they be able to create a balance? between the nostalgic effect and new technologies? ?

Disney + will feature a new series based on Willow

Behind “Willow” is Lucasfilm, which for the first time since 2015 has adopted a brand that is not firmly anchored in the “Star Wars” universe. This new series will be shot as a new series for Disney +, and will be filmed again in Wales, in the same location where the film was filmed.

And for those who don’t know, Disney + is already officially operating in Portugal and costs € 6.99 per month, or € 69.99 per year. For more information, or for a subscription, simply access here.

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