Windows 10 allows you to easily change screen refresh rate

While this is nothing new, the truth is that refresh rate is something that gets talked about a lot these days. Whether on smartphones or computer screens, the refresh rate is now more important than ever. Until very recently (4 or 5 years), screens that had more than 60Hz were rare, and those that had higher prices were very expensive. Nowadays everything has changed, and it is easy to find screens with 120 or even 360 Hz, with prices much more affordable than in the past.

However, to take full advantage of this technology, it is necessary that the operating system allows its use, and above all, that it facilitates the way in which we can do it. And it is with this in mind that Windows 10 adapts, and when compiling the 20236 Windows Insider program, the operating system gets a new, easily accessible setting to change the refresh rate, whereas so far it had to dig deep into the system to find the function.

Windows 10 will let you easily change your screen refresh rate

This is not the only novelty introduced by this future version of Windows 10. It is also necessary to find additions to the search interface. This now displays a history of the user’s last four choices, with a cross to quickly delete them.

Finally, we found several bug fixes. This new version of the Microsoft operating system is expected to be rolled out gradually on computers running Windows 10 1903 or later, but we still don’t have an exact date for that to happen.


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