Windows 10 starts blocking uncertified drivers

Have you ever happened to install a driver, and your operating system deteriorates from before? If your answer is no then you are in luck, as it is not uncommon to install a driver for a graphics card, network card or any other device which causes the PC to display a blue screen and restart from immediate. Worse, it is also the case that the computer often has an infinite loop due to the driver being incorrectly installed, or not suitable … or because the driver was not really good.

That is why Microsoft is strengthening the security of Windows 10, blocking all drivers that have not been certified. An alert now appears when you try to install a driver from a publisher that has not been certified. “Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver” or “There is no signature on the subject”, these are the messages that may appear on the screen. Both error messages indicate that Windows will not proceed with its installation.

Microsoft blocks uncertified drivers on Windows 10

Some users, with less knowledge, download “left and right” drivers without really caring what they are downloading. The truth is, a driver can be easily modified to incorporate malicious code, so Microsoft wants to end this practice.

What if there is a blockage? Microsoft invites users to contact the manufacturers, they should ensure that they have signed their drivers before placing them for a public download.

This change is already in effect, since the arrival of the last Patch Tuesday, referring to the month of October 2020, now available for download. In addition to this new functionality, the patch blocks 87 vulnerabilities in the Microsoft operating system.

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