Windows 10 will notify users of apps that are slowing down the system

Soon Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10, will start alerting users if an app installed on their device is affecting its performance. This will make it easier to detect the problematic application, which is slowing down Windows 10.

Microsoft will change the way programs are added to the list of applications that run when the operating system starts. You may have noticed that several times after installing a new application the computer takes longer to start. The application in question may have been added to the list of applications that start automatically when you start your computer. This list can be found in Settings> Applications> Startup.

In this list, you can see all the applications that run when you start your computer. There you have the option to enable or disable the apps. Windows already tells you if they have an impact on the startup of your machine or not.

Microsoft recently made some changes to its operating system to improve the user experience. Spotlight may, for example, soon change its wallpaper daily, and the Start menu will be entitled to an update and will come with a new look. In a future update, Windows 10 will also help you configure your computer according to your needs.

Windows 10 will indicate which application is slowing down your computer

According to the latest information, Windows 10 Update 21H1 testers now see a “startup app notification” that appears to inform the user that the installed program is configured to run at startup time. The notification also specifies the menu from which you can change this.

Although the notification does not interfere to avoid performance loss caused by the new app, it does serve as useful information because for many users it is not easy to identify which app is slowing down the system.

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