Windows 10 with a new feature for those who use SSDs

The use of SSD drives is more and more common these days. This is mainly due to its quality / price ratio, which is increasingly desirable. With the low price of SSDs, users are increasingly moving away from large capacity drives, with 1 or 2TB, in favor of SSDs with less storage. However, despite having less storage, the SSD guarantees much faster access times, and read and write speeds, that only those who have used can tell the difference.

However, like hard drives, SSDs are not free from corruption or reaching the end of their life. And if with hard disks we have SMART, from the BIOS of the motherboard, which often informs us that it is reaching the end of its life, it may not be the same with the SSD. And with that in mind, Microsoft has decided to include a new feature in Windows 10 that monitors the health of the SSD.

In the announcement of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20226, Post author Brandon LeBlanc explains how this new health monitoring feature “was designed to detect hardware anomalies in NVMe SSDs.” When such an anomaly is detected, a notification appears in the reportable job:

“A storage device can present a risk of failure and requires your attention.

Windows 10 already has an SSD disk management tool

In that same notification, we have a clickable link to load the backup and drive management options in Windows 10, which also provides more details on why Windows 10 sent the notification.

Those with Windows 10 Build 20226 can check the integrity of an SSD at any time, just go to Settings> System> Storage> Manage Disks and Volumes> Properties. This is where the unit’s health information is located and where you can see the unit’s estimated remaining life, its current temperature, and any red text warnings. In this same menu we have the option to “Save Now” for your convenience.


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