Windows celebrates its 35th anniversary today

Windows was the ideal starting point for consumer computing, a central pillar started 35 years ago, on November 20, 1985, by a young company called Microsoft. Today, hundreds of millions of devices are equipped with some version of this operating system.

It was therefore on November 20, 1985 that the worthy successor of the no less famous MS-DOS appeared. Causing a real increase in the computer community, then reduced to a privileged handful, Windows will mark the beginning of a new era, initiating the development and the expansion of a universe which does not cease expanding today.

Windows 1.0, a good first in the line, therefore produced several versions before reaching the current and final edition of Windows 10. If, in any case, the family link is not very easy to distinguish, the clues are often hidden in detail: scroll bars, drop-down menus, icons, dialog boxes, not to mention MSPaint or WordPad software.

Elements that are part of the IT landscape and which, if they are absent from an interface, can today cause indignation and incomprehension. But in the past, before Windows 1.0, users had to do without it. You also had to do without the mouse to focus on the command lines.

Windows turns 35 today

Now point and click has become the norm, and that’s in large part because of this operating system. With this new navigation device, Apple with its Macintosh and Microsoft have revolutionized the approach to computing. In 1985, three major players were in the spotlight: IBM, Apple and Microsoft, now the three main competitors in the world of mass computing.

And everything changes in 35 years, and what a change in Windows and other operating systems.

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