Xbox Series S / X Controller Can Be Used On iPhone Soon

Since iOS 13, it is possible to use Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controls on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. A significant bonus for players who previously could not help but use the “Made for iPhone” commands, which are generally more expensive.

Last year, Apple finally realized that there was no point fighting against the two most popular wireless controllers on the market. The integration of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers on iOS was obvious, and many gamers were relieved to be able to use the controller they had at home on their iPhone or iPad.

Since then, Apple has extended the compatibility between iOS and existing controls on the market. Therefore, it is possible to use the Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive models with iOS and tvOS. And for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X controllers, the manufacturer has also provided quick support.

Xbox Series X Controller

You will soon be able to use the Xbox Series S / X controller on your iPhone

On the support page dedicated to connecting a gamepad to an Apple device, it reads that “Microsoft and Apple are working together to make the Xbox Series X controller compatible in a future update.”

The iPhone creator isn’t saying when this update will be released, but many expect support to be sooner rather than later. The S / X Series controller is of excellent quality and it would be a shame to be deprived of it for a long time on iOS.


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