Xbox Series X / S has infrared receiver not revealed by Microsoft

We are just over 2 weeks away from the arrival of the new Microsoft consoles, the Xbox Series X / S, but it looks like the company has yet to reveal all the details of its new consoles. According to what is revealed, the consoles have an infrared receiver which appears to be hidden.

This same component is also present in the current models, the Xbox One, and in the new platforms, it will have the exact same function: to allow it to control via an official or universal remote control. Compatibility with remote media from previous generations is therefore confirmed.

As Major Nelson’s staff revealed, the Xbox Series X and S’s receiver is tucked away in the controller’s bind / sync button – a sleek solution that doesn’t compromise on console design.

Xbox Series X / S continues to offer infrared sensor

More generally, they reiterate Microsoft’s desire to ensure that Xbox One accessories can be used on new consoles. However, as the situation has now been raised, it is possible that Microsoft will make some sort of statement about it, which while not being spectacular, but lacking in explanation / clarification from the company.

Do you need an infrared receiver or not? On PlayStation 5, we know there will be apps for different streaming platforms on the console itself, and a command will be used to control the apps, but we’re talking about that here.

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