Xiaomi sells a cat in one go … understand why

We all know that batteries have not been able to keep up with the evolution of technology, and these have become the Achilles heel of devices that need them. The most visible cases are smartphones, devices which are widely used and which in many cases have become indispensable for personal and professional use. To remedy battery “failures”, equipment manufacturers have worked on ever faster charging technologies, which minimize the inconvenience caused by low battery life.

Nowadays, it’s easy to charge a smartphone in less than half an hour, and that means the lack of battery evolution is not so felt.
One of the companies that has done the most work on fast charging technology is Xiaomi, which recently made 120W speed available on a smartphone, on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. In theory this speed is really very high, because we are talking that it will be possible to charge a 4500mAh battery in just 23 minutes, whereas with just 5 minutes of charging it charges 41% of the battery. However, according to testing by Android Authority staff, the device never charges at this speed. According to its tests, the Mi 10 Ultra managed to extract 86.4 W from the wall, of which 6.3 W is lost between the components involved, so at most it charges at 80.1 W.

Xiaomi’s 120W charger charges 2/3 of this speed

Although it is of a very high value, since it allows you to charge a 4500mAh battery, from 20 to 100% in just 21 minutes, the truth is that it does not deliver the promised 120W, but “only “2/3 of this value, that is to say a little more than 80W.

The truth is that even so, 80W is a very interesting value, and more than enough for the vast majority of users, however, according to what is revealed, even charging at 2/3 of the promised speed, the device reaches 43 , 8 ° C, which means it is well above the safe levels of 40 ° C.

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