Xiaomi shows a smartphone with a telescopic lens with large aperture

Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun likes to publicize innovations, or developments, planned by the company he runs. So, now in a new post on the social network Weibo, he presented an extendable telescopic lens for use on smartphones.

For some it is nothing new, as seen on the Galaxy Zoom before, but for others it may be new. Some people may also think of what a typical compact digital camera looks like. Anyone who remembers these solutions knows how much space they take up, which, of course, is also reflected in the dimensions of the device. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case on this Xiaomi smartphone, or at least it seems to reveal it in the video shared by Lei Jun, which we can see below.

Will Xiaomi use a telescopic lens on its smartphones?

According to information published by the company itself, the technology used has two major advantages: It is possible to install a large lens, which allows “300% more” incidence of light. In addition, the image should be up to “20% clearer” with stabilization technologies.

At the moment, larger sensors are used more and more in the smartphone industry, which also provide better results in the dark and also ensure a beautiful natural bokeh effect. This is accompanied by an increasing projection of the chamber, so there are probably limits to accommodating the appropriate optics. A possible solution: this being shown by Xiaomi.

I admit that I am very curious whether the Xiaomi solution will be based on a variable aperture, because unfortunately we are left with many doubts about the details of this camera.

However, one should be aware that the technology is still developing. But as it is already showing in which direction the development of cameras for smartphones is going, I was not surprised that this is happening soon.

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