Xiaomi unveils its 80W wireless charging technology

Batteries remain the Achilles heel of any device that uses them. While there has been some progress on the drumming issue in recent years, the truth is that its evolution is light years away from being able to keep up with everything else. To fill this gap, manufacturers are trying to find ways to minimize obsolescence, and fast charging is one of those ways.

Now Xiaomi has announced its own 80W wireless charging technology, which the company calls 80W Mi wireless charging technology. This technology allows a battery to be charged to 10%, with just 1 minute of charging … wirelessly. . In 8 minutes you should be able to charge 50% of a 4000mAh battery and 100% will be achieved in just 19 minutes.

This reveals a big increase in speed, compared to the current Mi 30W wireless charging, which takes about 25 minutes to charge 50% of the same battery, and the 100% is achieved in 69 minutes.

Xiaomi unveils 80W Mi wireless charging technology

It has not yet been revealed when this technology will debut on a smartphone. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturer used it on the Xiaomi Mi 11, which should be announced in 2-3 months. Indeed, currently, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra uses 50W wireless charging.

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