youtube-dl deleted from GitHub and legal issues are coming

Many of those who opened this article are familiar with youtube-dl, and those who probably haven’t already used it on another platform that allows you to convert and / or download videos from Youtube and other platforms. . It is an open source project that is being used in many applications spread across the web, which promise to do the same.

It turns out that this project was hosted on the GitHub platform, which “now” belongs to Microsoft. In the United States, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) issued an alert that resulted in the removal of youtube-dl from GitHub. In addition, its creator is accused, since according to the prosecution, the tool was developed mainly to download works protected by copyright.

youtube-dl forced to quit GitHub

Users who created youtube-dl based “Forks” should also have received this warning. The code is unlikely to go away for good, but GitHub quickly blocked that possibility on its platform. The good news is that its creator still has the right to protest, since the Recording Industry Association of America is not the owner and the lady of reason, and only the court will decide if the case should proceed in this direction.

Personally, I think youtube-dl will come back, since Youtube itself doesn’t use any direct DRM protection for the content, just like Mixcloud and other platforms don’t.


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