youtube-dl is back on GitHub

For those who have been paying attention, here we reveal that the youtube-dl app was removed, for legal reasons, from GitHub. Although it is an open source application, the truth is that it has been banned for converting content from Youtube, which allegedly violates copyright.

Its creator has since been accused that the tool was developed primarily for downloading copyrighted works. The truth is, the source code for youtube-dl is now back on GitHub, although we still don’t know what the real reasons it’s now (again) possible to be on the Microsoft forum.

Clearly, the test downloads have been removed from the code, precisely the ones that gave rise to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) complaint.

GitHub has youtube-dl presence again

I’m curious to see what’s going on there, in the end Google likes to take action against these tools, even against the website operators that report how to download YouTube, and in this specific case the tool also uses the Mark Youtube.

Now we just have to wait for an official explanation, and honestly it looks to me like your programmer has removed some of the app’s code so that the tool can be on GitHub, but that same code will likely be reset after installation by the user.


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